What is Kreeate?

Kreeate is our suite of school entrepreneurship initiatives. Over the years we have developed and implemented various activities, each presenting its own success stories. From extra-curricular school entrepreneurship programmes to holiday school entrepreneurship conferences, our initiatives strive to achieve two specific goals:

1.    Advocating the fact that becoming an entrepreneur can be a viable and sustainable career option

2.    Fostering innovative thinking and initiating entrepreneurial activity among high school learners

Our suite of initiatives includes:

1.    Extra-curricular School Entrepreneurship Programmes

2.    School Entrepreneurship Conferences

3.    School Entrepreneurship Advocacy Workshops

4.    School Entrepreneurship Competitions (in the form of business idea pitch competitions)

Brand Engagement


All of the above-mentioned activities present organisations brand engagement opportunities. Through our school entrepreneurship offerings, your brand can engage directly with the high school market. If you brand and its related product/service offerings are integral to starting-up and running a business, then we are able to provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with potential future clients. From branding and product placement opportunities to talks and promotional activities, Kreeate is your answer to engaging with this dynamic market.

“Think about how integral your product/service is to running a business. Associating your brand now with this initiative, and positioning it as key to running a business of any size or description, will allow you to directly engage with an untold number of young, future-hopeful South Africans exposed to the platform – planting the seed for brand loyalty from an early age.”

School Entrepreneurship Programme Licence

Our School Entrepreneurship Programme Licence offering presents you with a unique revenue generating opportunity. On the back of the success of our extra-curricular programme, you can now purchase licence to implement our Kreeate programme. Please download the attached presentation for more details on this unique offering.