Entrepreneurship and Innovation among high school learners are key focus areas for the development of any country

Kreeate is a specialised service offering that focuses on creating and implementing initiatives that allow your brand to engage directly with high school learners.

We have several years of experience in developing and implementing a host of entrepreneurship activities, all of which provide for direct brand engagement opportunities with this target market. These include:


Extra-curricular School Entrepreneurship Programmes

School Entrepreneurship Conferences

School Entrepreneurship Advocacy Workshops

The above mentioned activities allow for face-to-face interaction with this target market. Over the course of 2014, we have been enhancing our capabilities which in turn allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to place their brand in the hands and on the minds of South Africa’s high school population – all 5.4 million of them (Stats quoted as per DBE 2013 Q3 Learner Numbers)

In line with this and as of January 2015, we are adding the following two platforms to our stable of brand engagement activities:

Mobile gaming

Television Show Production

Should you wish to enquire about any of the above service offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Alexander McLeod, founder of Calan Consulting, has no less than 10 years management consulting experience. His consulting services are niched and focuses specifically on business incubation. In line with this, Calan Consulting is able to offer clients the following consulting services:

1.    Business Incubator Setup and Management

2.    Business Incubator Support Services namely Business Administration, Operations Management and Marketing Services

3.    Business Idea Commercialisation Consulting

Client: Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Alexander McLeod was responsible for setting up and managing two incubators for Technology Transfer Office of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The two incubators were based at the Bellville and Cape Town Campuses. Students and staff with ideas deemed commercially viable were afforded the opportunity to enter the incubator. Alexander was responsible for mentoring these incubatees through the commercialisation and business start-up processes.

Calan Consulting is a boutique consulting business that focuses on creating and implementing activities that advocate entrepreneurship among high school learners.

Alexander McLeod - Founder of Calan Consulting

We provide unique opportunities for brand engagement for organisations that are looking to communicate directly with this target market. We understand the dynamics of engaging with this audience and are in a position to develop customised platforms that will allow your brand to communicate key messages to this market.

Since 2010, Alexander McLeod has been creating, developing and implementing school entrepreneurship initiatives. These initiatives have been designed to foster entrepreneurial thinking and initiate entrepreneurial behaviour among high school learners. All of his initiatives are implemented as extra-curricular activities and do not infringe on school time.

His first initiative launched was the modular School Entrepreneurship Programme. The programme is now in its fourth year and to date, in excess of 140 learners have come through these programmes with no less than 18 of them starting up and sustaining profitable micro-enterprises.  The programme’s success has been recognised in that it has received endorsements from both the Cape Chamber of Commerce and the CIO Forum. The Headmaster of SACS High School has also penned a Letter of Recommendation for the programme.

In March 2012, along with two fellow Trustees, he established the School Entrepreneurship Trust, a public benefit organisation. In December 2012, the Trust launched the inaugural School Entrepreneurship Conference. The December 2012 conference was the first event of this nature to be run in South Africa and saw 100 learners from high schools in impoverished communities attend and participate in the five day conference on entrepreneurship. In July 2013, through his for-profit business, Alexander ran his second School Entrepreneurship Conference which had 220 learners from high schools in impoverished communities attend. In December 2013, once again through the School Entrepreneurship Trust, he ran the third School Entrepreneurship Conference, with 100 learners from high schools in impoverished communities in attendance. As a follow on to the December 2013 Conference, he coordinated and participated in a “long-table” discussion on “Promoting a Culture of Entrepreneurship among High School Learners”.

Prior to launching his own entrepreneurship education business, Alexander served as a Management Consultant for six years where he was responsible for managing projects for notable corporates such as Deloitte, Business Innovation Group and BluePrint Research Associates. He was responsible for managing projects across various industries including Tourism, Fisheries, Education and New Venture Creation.

Case Studies

Extra-Curricular School Entrepreneurship Programme

Our modular school entrepreneurship programme is run as an extra-curricular activity. Learners are required to attend one session per week for a period of 10 months. Our programme is a blend of theory, guest entrepreneur speakers, corporate site visits and a practical.

We focus 20% of our energies on the theory, guest speaker and corporate site visit components and 80% of our energies on the practical component. Our approach and philosophy is that you learn best through practical application. Proof is in the concept and one of our many success stories can confirm our approach – see below.

Nuzhah Jacobs - Teenage Entrepreneur

Nuzhah participated in our school entrepreneurship programme in 2013. It took her the best part of the first four months of our programme to come up with an idea and build up the courage to take action. At the age of 16 years old and within three months (so seven months into the programme), she had started her own online fashion jewellery and accessories business called The Ramp. Her turnover for the final four months of the programme was R 15000.00. Nuzhah, in Gr12 in 2014, has continued to run her business and has grown it from a small hobby into a successful enterprise. She has recently signed a deal with Zando, South Africa’s biggest online fashion shopping portal, which will see her products being showcased and sold on their platform, had a her jewellery featured in Jimmy Nevis’ “Miscato” music video as well as in Seventeen Magazine and now has a her product stocker in a store called Portobello Road.

Visit www.theramp.co.za to find out more about this success story. 


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